Founded in 2013, Cupcakes and Blooms is a London-based home bakery offering both pre-made and custom design, cakes baked from scratch, confections and tailored event experience.

My name is Irina Ponomarenko, I am the founder and pastry chef at Cupcakes and Blooms. My baking story began as early as 1997 when I was a 12 years old girl trying my culinary skills with simplest ingredients and recipes. My whole life baking was my best way to find new worlds and dimensions. But an idea to start baking professionally only struck me when we relocated to London in 2012.

What we do here is scrumptious artisan cakes inspired by traditional flavours and ingredients from all over the world.

We make Russian layered honey cake with a twist – a spoonful of salted caramel. We make American most famous Red Velvet cake, but without buttercream – soft and moist filling instead. We like to play around popular and traditional tastes and add a bit of soul.

For our cakes we use the best ingredients only. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Belgian chocolate and cocoa, French fruit purees, UK delicious dairy. Absolutely no margarine. No essences, no artificial flavourings. All the flavours come naturally from fruits and berries, nuts and chocolate.

Our concept of celebration is “bright and colourful”. Cakes are designed to bring pleasure and joy, so we make them to lighten up your party.